May 10, 2018

For all stylish modern men, grooming themselves is an important aspect of their life. It is a key element in their overall persona and has the power to break or make their impression on others. Just as a man’s clean feet and hands scream about his sense of hygiene, there are other major areas of the body that say so much about you. Let’s get started with the top must-haves in your grooming kit for you to be more handsome than ever:




This goes without saying. Having your very own kit will save you time and of course the money you frequently spend at a salon. Your set must include:


  • Trimmer and razor- to not only trim that beard or moustache but also keep your body hair well-groomed too, neatly trimmed and clean
  • Shaving crème- it’s important you use a shaving crème every time you shave to avoid any cuts and keep your skin smooth. Use a pre-shave oil for an even canvas and then grab a soft shaving brush to apply your shaving crème to have the finest shave of your life.


  • Beard Moisture Balm- your beard hair also need nourishment and a soft texture. Use a rich moisture balm to keep your beard hair healthy, shiny and well-placed and also brush them with a fine tooth brush so they appear even every time.





All men are suckers for trendy hairstyles. Standout with your phenomenal hairstyle and apply a nice hair freezing gel to keep your dapper hair in place from day to night.  Also shampoo your hair thrice a week for keeping the scalp dandruff-free and nourish the roots from within to boost silky and soft hair growth. Follow with a hydrating conditioner for the smoothest hair experience and keeping the scalp itch-free.


3.      SHOWER GEL


Grabbing a handy shower gel will surely take your bathing experience to a whole new level. A nice body lather will not only fight-off those rough microbes but also rejuvenate your senses with its exceptional fragrance and deep cleansing power by keeping the skin hydrated and replenishing it with essential nutrients.


  1. Face Wash


It’s time you put a stop to the harshness of regular soaps. Your face is the most precious and quite sensitive than other areas so it’s important you use an exclusive face wash not only removes impurities and dirt but also dead cells.



Scrubbing just for girls? Think again! It not only removes those unwanted dead cells but also gets rid of any ingrown hair. Use a scrub enriched with essential ingredients thrice a week to give your skin that amazing glow and confidence.





A hydrator is an essential. Not only does it keep the face and body supple but also soften it up and keeps the face all youthful and wrinkle-free while feeding the skin with its natural oils and enhance its elasticity.  It’s also important you use a lotion for your hand and feet to avoid any dry and flaky skin on the knuckles, ankle and heel area and giving a cleaner look.




So, what are you waiting for? Apply a nice deodorant and grab these stunning must-haves now and get ready to turn heads with your good-looking style statement wherever you go! 

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